By A.J. Venter

What is ViewME ?
ViewMe is a program for opening files that need to be viewed with other viewers.
It was largely inspired by LHA but it has far more features.
You can just use viewme to shorten some command-lines, set it up as the image viewer in your mail client, use it as the command-line for
the IceWM address bar (or similiar in any window manager) and if your using KDE/Gnome you can even go so far as to modify the mime-types so
all files are by default opened with viewme (it is likely to work better anyway).

If you are in X ViewME uses a graphical interface otherwize, it uses a text Interface.

This package contains both the source and the binary versions of ViewMe. You can simply copy the viewme to some directory in your path or
you can recompile the sources using FreePascal (
To compile the source you will also need the PTK unit available from (

ViewMe has NO other library requirements except TCL/TK 8.0 or newer which should be installed.
Note: If you don't run it under X you don't need TCL/TK as it will never be called.

Current Version 1.2
Changes since 1.1
Fixed a bug that caused viewme to crash on RedHat 7.3
The latest versions of TK no longer allow button names to start with capital letters, and this led to the viewme bug.
Changes since 1.0:
Fixed a bug wich forced you to sometimes click buttons twice.
Fixed a bug with JAVA jar files
A future version will be support opening files by magic numbers instead
Download version 1.2
Binary only RPM Note the RPM was created on RedHat 7.3 using alien

Older Versions:
Download version 1.1